Payroll Services
A cost effective solution to Payday headaches ... from £ 15.00 per month (1 to 5 employees)

Whether you have 1, 2 or 100 employees, our Payroll Services are a reliable and cost effective solution, to managing this complicated business function in-house.

Fully HMRC compliant, ensuring your 'Real Time Information' (RTI) and 'Auto-enrolment' obligations are met.

A variety of monthly report to choose from, to give you information regarding costs and HMRC payments, all sent as a 'password protected' PDF documents to your email.



You can choose to have payslips emailed as a 'password protected' PDF document to your email, so you can print and distribute yourself, or you can have them emailed direct to your employees as a 'password protected' PDF document, that way your employees always have a copy.

Or, you can have them printed and posted so you can distribute them yourself, or we can print and post them direct to your employees home address on your behalf ... the choice is yours.

(Important Note: whilst we endeavour to keep the cost of services at an affordable level, there is an administrative charge of £ 2.50 per record for each new employee and leaver.  There is a 20% charge if the Payroll has to be re-run due to Client error or omission.)